Interviews & FAQs

Have questions about your surgery? Listen to interviews with Dr. Amanatullah as he addresses frequently asked questions, details of surgeries, and what to expect before, during, and after your procedure.

Joint Replacement and Weather Myths

Interviewer: Hello Dr. Amanatullah! How are you doing? Dr. Derek Amanatullah: I’m doing great thank you. Interviewer: All right let’s talk today about some of the myths that surround weather and joint pain joint replacements all of those things because...

Joint Replacement in Elderly Patients

Interviewer: Hello Dr. Amanatullah! How are you? Dr. Derek Amanatullah: I am doing great Interviewer: Thank you for coming on again! Let’s talk a little bit about joint replacement on the elderly community. First of all and this might sound silly but cool counts...

Phases of Recovery FAQ

If you’ve recently had a joint replacement surgery, here are the general phases of recovery you can expect from the moment you wake up to upwards of a year down the road. Dr. Derek Amanatullah lays out the general trajectory, milestones, and red flags.

Joint Dislocations

Now and again, joint replacement units will become dislocated. Dr. Derek Amanatullah discusses how to tell if your joint has become dislocated, what to do if it has, and how to avoid it happening to you.

FAQs on Revision Surgery

Listen as Dr. Derek Amanatullah describes in depth the process of revision surgery to both hip replacements and knee replacements. Read on for more information about his services and the best ways to prepare for joint surgery.